Clubhouse Cleanup


It is the responsibility of the homeowner renting the clubhouse to clean the clubhouse after the party. This includes cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning the kitchen and removing ALL food/beverages from the refrigerator, vacuuming the carpet in the family room and the 2 rugs in the doorways, dust mopping and/or sweeping the rooms with tile and hardwood floors, and mopping if the floors are sticky. If you do not want to clean the clubhouse, you can hire the cleaning service which will cost $80.00. Contact Annette or Marta at 630-629-0578 for information on the cleaning service.

Please contact the clubhouse board representative if there is any issue with the condition of the clubhouse.

The following charges will be taken out of your security deposit check if they are not done:

  • The outside of the building is not cleaned (cans, paper cups, broken bottles, etc.) $20
  • Kitchen not cleaned (stove, sink, refrigerator) $20
  • Carpeted area and 2 rugs in entryways not vacuumed $20
  • Tables not cleaned and pushed to west side of the building in the hardwood room $20
  • Bar and sitting area not cleaned and swept $20
  • Rooms not dust mopped and wet mopped if floors are sticky $20
  • Washrooms not cleaned (each washroom) $15
  • All garbage removed to the dumpster or if full your home. This includes garbage cans from bathrooms. $20