Clubhouse Rental

For Rent

Any Orchard Brook homeowner may make arrangements to use the clubhouse for meetings, parties or any reasonable function.

Present rental rates are:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Holidays – $250.00
Monday through Thursday (excluding holidays) – $175.00
Weekday hourly meeting rate (no food or drink, no early access) – $25/hr – restrictions apply

$500.00 damage deposit is required for all events. Please deliver two (2) checks payable to OBHA with signed rental agreement (below).

SORRY – due to insurance restrictions, we cannot rent the clubhouse to non-residents.

Availability: Please check the Clubhouse Calendar to see what dates are available. To make arrangements to use the clubhouse, email or contact the clubhouse manager.

Rental Form


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Rules and Regulations

1. Clubhouse may only be rented by Orchard Brook Homeowners in good standing on a first come, first served basis.

2. A mandatory $75 cleaning fee is required at the time of agreement.  To be fair, it is the homeowner’s responsibility to surface clean, sweep, and vacuum. The cleaning service will handle the details.  A list of cleanup responsibilities and charges is included with the rental agreement form and found above.

3. The rental fee check and $500.00 deposit are due at the time of agreement signing. To hold a date, homeowners must complete and deliver the rental agreement with both payments within 3 days of their request being acknowledged. Reservations will not be held without a contract and both payments. Deposit checks will be cashed if warranted. Rental fee checks will only be submitted for payment after the reservation date.

4. Homeowners who rent the clubhouse are responsible for all damage to the clubhouse during their event. Each renter should walk through and inspect the clubhouse and sign an affidavit as to the condition of the facility prior to rental. Any and all damage at the conclusion of the rental period not noted on the affidavit is the responsibility of the renter and will be deducted  from the security deposit. All repairs and maintenance of the facility will be completed by the Orchard Brook Home Association and to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors. See agreement for details.

Below are some reminders which are not inclusive of all of the requirements spelled out in the agreement:

A list of cleanup responsibilities and charges is included with the rental agreement form and found by following this link.

  1. Each renter is responsible to collect all rubbish and garbage, bag it and place the trash bags in the dumpster. Renters will be docked reasonable charges for the removal of decorations, and cleaning up of trash throughout the facility and the grounds surrounding the clubhouse. Charges will be assessed at $20.00 per hour in whole hour increments.
  2. Each renter is responsible for securing and locking the clubhouse when leaving it vacant at the conclusion of each event.
  3. The clubhouse key must be returned to the clubhouse chairperson by 10:00 AM on the day after the rental.
  4. Homeowners are required to be present throughout their entire rental period or event. Relatives, children, minors and friends are not acceptable substitutes. Failure to be present (at the clubhouse) will result in forfeiture of damage deposit. Identification of homeowners will be checked.
  5. Smoking is prohibited inside the clubhouse.
  6. Take home everything you bring. Empty the fridge and freezer.
  7. Paper products, garbage bags and hand soap dish soap are not guaranteed to be available. Please be prepared to bring all needed supplies.

Due to the demand of reservations and upkeep of the clubhouse, a mandatory $75 cleaning fee is required.  It is the homeowner’s responsibility to clean up, sweep, and vacuum. The cleaning service will handle the details.