Pool Registration


Pool Registration

Orchard Brook Residents Only

No guests are allowed at this time 

Please read the Safe Operating Plan for recreational and Lap Swimming before signing up for swim times. In addition to adhering to the operating guidelines, we are requiring each family to sign a COVID-19 Waiver and bring it with them during their first visit of the year.  It will be required to enter.

Remember: One slot per a person per a weekday (up to 3 weekdays per week) and one slot per a person per a weekend/ Holiday. Lap swim will not count against recreational swim slots. We are using the honor system, and excessive reservations and/or cancellations may result in limiting swim opportunities. Please cancel the night before any existing reservation. Any slots that are open as of 9 am on the day of the reservation may be booked that day and will not count against the above limits. You may sign up for a time slot using the links below.

Sat-Sun 8/8-8/9