Pool Updates

2018 May Update

2018 Orchard Brook Pool Season

Welcome to the 2018 Orchard Brook Pool Season.  Our pool has been serviced, filled, and is in the process of being heated.  Maureen Vondrasek will be our pool manager again this year and we are anticipating having another great and safe pool season this year!

We are on schedule to open our pool the Saturday of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, May 26th.

The staff and volunteers will be putting in countless hours preparing for the Memorial Day weekend opening.

We will continue utilizing the Clubhouse deck for concession sales, especially on busy weekends.  This will add some additional seating and for both pool time and swim team events.

WiFi will be available at the pool and , password is OBPOOL89.

We would like to utilize the deck and picnic area as well as the new deck for all food and snacks, whether purchased at the pool or brought in.  This will help keep the pool deck litter free. Please consider utilizing these designated areas for food.

Weather permitting the pool hours for opening  weekend are:

  • Saturday
    • 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Sunday
    • 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Monday
    • 10:00 am to 8:00 pm
  • Please see the website for school and summer hours.
  • Please note that the pool does not open unless the temperature is at least 70.
  • Please note that if the pool is closed due to inclement weather, it does not re-open that day.

Here are a few reminders for our pool this summer:

  • Swim Lessons
  • An additional open lap swim will be open to all swimmers who may be looking to lap swim between the hours of 11 am and 12 pm.  This is not an open swim, it will be dedicated to any swimmers, of all ages to use the pool for lap swim.
  • Baby Pool
    • Just a reminder that the baby pool is for toddlers and children under 7… This includes adult swim time.
  • Glass
    • There is NO glass allowed in the pool area
  • Gaga Pit
    • Back again for 2018 Ball donations are accepted and needed.
  • Guests
    • It is very important that all guests pay to use the pool this summer.  This money supplements our pool and $4 is a bargain for a day of sun and fun at our pool.  Please note that all guests will pay the $4 fee whether they are swimming or not.  If you have a group of 10 people or more the cost is $3 per guest or you can by a block of 10 passes for $30 ($3 per guest).

The adult swim and adult lap swim from 5:45 – 6:30 pm, will remain the same as prior years.

Questions may be directed to our Pool Manager : email poolmanager@orchardbrook.org or Tom Greifhahn, Orchard Brook Board Member responsible for Pool Operations, feel free to email Tom at  tomg@semitrailers.net

2018 Spring Update

Orchard Brook Neighbors,

With the weather starting to turn and Spring in the air, we are sending out this email regarding lifeguard employment opportunities at the Orchard Brook Pool this upcoming summer season.

Maureen Vondrasek will continue to be our pool manager for this 2018 season.  With her positive experiences last season, Maureen has made some nice improvements and continues to promote a safe, clean and friendly  environment at our pool.

We have revised the lifeguard procedure manual as a guideline for guards to operate by.  This has job duties, responsibilities and expectations we’d like to achieve.  First and foremost is promoting safety at our pool.

We also have a couple of resources for getting lifeguard training and certifications, which is necessary to be in place prior to the opening of the pool.  No one will be able to be scheduled for guard duty without a current certification.

We will continue to  scheduling emergency action training throughout the pool season.  This exercise was performed a few time last season and we feel it is a great practice to continue.

Attached is lifeguard application for employment.  Please complete and return to the Pool manager email: poolmanager@orchardbrook.org.

Maureen will be collecting these applications and verify certifications.  She will determine who she would like to assemble her Assistant Pool Manager staff.

We will contact and schedule to have a Pool meeting in early April, so please get the applications back to us, and plan to get your certifications completed, or updated.



2018 Lifeguarding Courses (3)

Orchard Brook Pool Application 2018

2018 Orchard Brook Homeowners Association Lifeguard Procedures

Off-season questions may be directed to Tom Greifhahn, Orchard Brook Board Member responsible for Pool Operations, at  tomg@semitrailers.net.

 About the pool

Come on in… the water’s GREAT!

Orchard Brook maintains a complex of two heated swimming pools for the benefit of residents. There is a 25-yard lap pool and a kiddie pool. The pools (like the club house) are largely paid for by the annual assessment, with additional funding from guest fees and other pool activities.

The pool is open from Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day. Swimming lessons are available. There is a swim team for youngsters ages 5-18.

The pool is one of the features that makes Orchard Brook unique. Downers Grove
does not have a public, outdoor swimming facility, and many residents join local
private swim clubs at a cost of around $700 per season. We are very fortunate to
have our own facility.


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