“Lappy Hour”

**Due to COVID-19, Lappy Hour and such gathering are suspended until further notice**


If you haven’t taken advantage of the lap swim period from 5:45 – 6:30 PM weeknights, a “Lappy Hour” night is a perfect time to check it out.

What the heck is a “Lappy Hour”?

Several times each summer, the semi-regular group of Orchard Brook lap swimmers meet to share drinks and snacks after the lap swim time, and somehow it has gotten the moniker “Lappy Hour”.

These gatherings occur about 4 times during the pool season and are scheduled randomly – when weather and pool schedules permit, and there looks like enough people are available to make it work. Watch for email and website announcements.

The next 2019 Lappy Hour will be Wednesday, July 31st.

Not a lap swimmer but like to socialize with your neighbors?  That’s just fine – come on over. There is no requirement that you actually get in the water (although any one of the regular swimmers will certainly recommend it).

Refreshments are BOYB and most attendees bring some sort of lite snack to share. Please remember that glass is not permitted in the pool area.

It is not necessary to notify anyone of your plans to attend in advance.

If you have questions, email richbuerger@gmail.com