Board of Directors

The OBHA covenants create a Board of Directors. The board is charged with conducting the business of Orchard Brook. Activities include collecting annual assessments, paying the bills, overseeing maintenance of the pool, gas lights, clubhouse, and common areas, and representing the residents of Orchard Brook in interactions with other bodies, such as the Village of Downers Grove.

The Board of Directors is also charged with enforcement of OBHA Covenant provisions, as well as the Rules and Regulations.

There are nine Directors on the board. Each director is elected to serve a three year term. Three director seats come up for election each year.

Board members are all VOLUNTEERS, they are all OBHA HOMEOWNERS, and are not compensated for their participation. They take on the responsibilities because they care about our community and want it to remain a desirable place to live. Please keep that in mind as you interact with board members.

The board oversees the general operations of the homeowner’s association. It is scheduled to meet monthly. These meetings are normally held at the clubhouse and are open to all homeowner members of the association and other interested parties.

OBHA members are encouraged to get involved in the various projects and activities that are being managed by the board and related committee persons. You do not need to be a board member to make a contribution. If there is a project or role you would like to take on or a special skill you have to offer to enhance the quality of life here in Orchard Brook, please bring your interest to the attention of the Board.

The current board members are listed below. If you have a question for the board and cannot determine the appropriate person to handle your inquiry, click here to address a message to all board members.

  • Dan Zacharski (term ends 2024), PRESIDENT
  • Nicole Schulz (term ends 2023), VICE PRESIDENT
  • Jessica Espinoza (term ends 2025), SECRETARY
  • Kevin Korus (term ends 2024), TREASURER
  • Tim O’Brien (term ends 2023)
  • Kristie Barbaro (term ends 2023)
  • Vince Villanueva (term ends 2024)
  • Tim Pieropoulos (term ends 2025)
  • James Chiado (term ends 2025)