Several documents work together to keep our homeowners association running smoothly.

In Illinois, (765 ILCS 160/) Common Interest Community Association Act provides a framework for organizations like the Orchard Brook Home Association.

OBHA is a not-for-profit corporation. The corporate charter describes how that corporation is structured.

The Covenants, to which this page is dedicated, is the document all homeowners agreed to at closing when they purchased their home. This is the key document that details how the association operates. How and when board members are elected, proper procedures for calling meetings and votes, and the rules for what homeowners may and may not do on their lots and the common areas.

Lastly are the Rules and Regulations, which are enacted in accordance with Covenant provisions the help maintain the quality of life here in Orchard Brook.

pdficon_largeRecorded Covenants 10-22-99

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The links below walk you through a web page friendly version of the covenants. It is an “unofficial” copy of the covenants, in that it is not the exact document on file with DuPage County. If there is ever a conflict between the version below and the filed version, the copy on file with the county will prevail.

Recitals and Table of Contents

Article I – Definitions

Article II – Purpose of this Instrument

Article III – The Association Membership

Article IV – Administration of the Association

Article V – Meetings of the Members

Article VI – The Board of Directors

Article VII – Association Officers and their Duties

Article VIII – Association Committees

Article IX – Use of the Subject Properties

Article X – Architectural Controls

Article XI – Assessments

Article XII – Compliance, Breach of Covenants and Default

Article XIII – Additions to Existing Subject Properties

Article XIV – Term, Amendment and Termination

Article XV – General Provisions