The gaslights lining our streets contribute to the uniqueness of Orchard Brook. They do, however, require ongoing maintenance. Twice a year the lights are cleaned and the mantles replaced if necessary. Other maintenance is done on an “as needed” basis.

Repairs come at a cost to our membership. There are a few things you can do to help minimize the need for repairs:

  • Be careful around the posts. Banging into them with lawn mowers and such can damage the mantles, making repairs necessary.
  • If you employ a lawn service, make sure they understand that the lights are fragile, and that they should take care when working around them.
  • The glass globes are expensive, so be careful not to hit them when working nearby.
  • A good deal of gaslight damage is due to vandalism. If you see vandalism taking place, please call the police. They can respond much more quickly than the OBHA board.
  • Do not tape anything to the poles. When tape is removed, it frequently removes the paint on the post as well.

Most gaslight problems are not really emergencies. Although you may smell gas leaking from a light that is not functioning properly, the volume of gas flowing through the gaslights is actually very small, and the leaking gas will normally dissipate harmlessly into the air.

Contact Information

When you see a light in need of repair, please report it using the form below. You might also email your gaslight questions and concerns to