In this section, you will find information about the “business” of the Orchard Brook Home Association. Follow the links on this page to find information about the association and how we take care of business.

Architectural Controls – The covenants require that homeowners abide by certain architectural guidelines, and spell out procedures homeowners should follow when making changes to their properties. Follow the link above for specifics.

Assessments – Funds to maintain the common areas, pool, clubhouse, pay utilities, insurance and so on, comes from the annual assessment levied on each property. Find everything you need to know about assessments on through the link above.

Board of Directors – The association is managed by an elected Board of Directors. Information about the board can be found on the Board of Directors Page.

Budget – Each year, the Board of Directors approves an operating budget for the fiscal year. If you need a copy of the current operating budget, please email the assessor or use the form on the Assessments page.

Clubhouse – please visit the clubhouse area on this site.

Common Areas – Each home in Orchard Brook borders on a “common area”, which is maintained by the homeowners association. In addition the two ponds and the areas surrounding the pool and clubhouse constitute “common areas”. Streets, curbs, sewers and other parts of the village infrastructure are NOT Orchard Brook common areas. For issues with the common areas, go to the Common Areas Page. For issues with the Village of Downers Grove infrastructure, please contact the village directly.

Covenants  – All homeowners of Orchard Brook are bound to adhere to the OBHA Covenants, a set of rules approved by a majority of the residents that outline the basic rules that Orchard Brook homeowners and it’s administration (the Board of Directors) are obligated to follow. When an Orchard Brook home changes hands, new owners agree to be bound by the covenants at closing.

Gas Lights – The gas lights that a part of the character of our neighborhood are maintained using funds from the annual assessments. To learn more about the gas lights or to report problems and maintenance issues, go the Gas Lights page.

Meeting Minutes – The Board is made up of Orchard Brook residents who work hard to offer special events and keep the common areas safe and beautiful. Read minutes to find out more about the community.

New To Orchard Brook? – Welcome! Find out more about how to connect with the community.

Pool – Please visit the Pool area of this site.

Selling or Refinancing Your Home – Documents for sale or refinancing your property.