Follow the links below to find more information about the Orchard Brook Home Association (OBHA) and its operations.

  • Contact Us – Contact information for various topics can be found by clicking this link.
  • Board of Directors – Information regarding the association’s elected Board of Directors can be found by clicking this link.
  • Covenants – A copy of the covenants can be found by clicking this link. All homeowners of Orchard Brook must adhere to the OBHA Covenants. The covenants were approved by a majority of the residents and outline the basic rules that homeowners and the OBHA’s administration (the Board of Directors) are obligated to follow. When an Orchard Brook home changes ownership, new owners agree to be bound by the covenants at closing.
  • Meeting Minutes – The Board is made up of Orchard Brook residents who volunteer to manage the operations of the association and its facilities and amenities. Read meeting minutes to find out more about the happenings of the Board and the community.
  • Annual Meeting Notice – Learn more about the open board positions and how to vote by clicking this link.
  • Assessments – The annual assessment levied on each property is used to fund the ongoing operations of the association including maintaining the common areas, clubhouse and pool, paying utilities, renewing insurance, etc.
  • BudgetThe Board of Directors approves an operating budget for each fiscal year. For a copy of the current operating budget, please email the assessor or use the form on the Assessments page.
  • Classified Ad Policy – Please review this policy on how and where to advertise.
  • New To Orchard Brook? – Welcome! Find out more about how to connect with the community.
  • Selling or Refinancing Your Home – Documents for sale or refinancing your property.