New to Orchard Brook?

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here!

You will probably have a lot of questions about the neighborhood. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please ask! There are contacts for a number of areas listed on the Contact Us page or send a general message using the form at the bottom of the page and someone will answer or redirect you.

Join the Email List and Directory!

The directory is available to current homeowners through DirectorySpot. You will receive an email from DirectorySpot on how to access the Orchard Brook online directory when you complete the form.

We broadcast messages of interest to the community using the email list whenever necessary. The use of email also helps reduce printing and mailing costs for the association, which helps us carry on without asking for assessment increases.


There is an Orchard Brook group on Facebook that has 300+ members. If you are a Facebook user, check out Orchard Brook Homeowners.

Get Familiar with the Covenants

Please take a little time to look the Covenants over. The Board of Directors is charged with enforcement of the Covenants, but they are homeowners just like yourself and do not enjoy enforcement actions. Please learn the rules and work within them. Below are some items to pay close attention to:

Making architectural changes – The Board does not want to stand in the way of your remodeling or landscaping project, but you need to make them aware of what your plans are. We want to maintain the harmonious nature of our beautiful subdivision, please remember that it is necessary to submit a completed Architectural Request Form if you have any plans to do work on the exterior of your home or property. If you are not sure if your project requires board approval, just ask. The board’s interest is in protecting the common areas, avoiding neighborly disputes through communication and planning, making sure rainwater runoff does not become a problem for surrounding homes and ensuring your project does not run afoul of any covenant provisions. Send an Architectural Change Request before starting your project.

Common areas – Homeowners may not extend their lot onto the common area in any way. No construction of any type, including pathways, flower beds, gardens, patios, fire pits, play sets, sandboxes, etc. are allowed.

Pools and Fences – Electronic fences, like the ones sold by Invisible Fence are allowable, but please send an architectural request to the board and get approval before having one installed. The board will want to review your plan to ensure the enclosed area does not extend into any common area or onto neighboring lots.

Be a responsible pet owner – The Village of Downers Grove requires owners to clean up after their pets by ordinance, and we have extended this requirement to the common areas as well.

If you ever need clarification of the rules, just get in touch with a board member. A nine-member Board of Directors manages the daily operation of OBHA.  All Board members are volunteers who reside within Orchard Brook.  There are scheduled monthly meetings for all homeowners to attend along with an annual meeting during which we summarize the past year, discuss goals and determine potential projects for the future.  We welcome and encourage homeowners to attend all meetings.  Please feel free to email any board member with questions, concerns or suggestions.

Take an active part.

The swim team, pool gatherings, and various other social activities are great opportunities to get to know your neighbors. Volunteering to work on an event is a good way to strengthen your ties to the community.

From time to time the OBHA may put out a call for volunteers to address a particular need. These opportunities will be broadcast through the email list. Sometimes you can learn about an opportunity to help out by sitting in on a board meeting, where you may find a way to lend a hand.

Do you have a special skill that you can use to keep the association functioning smoothly? There are regularly questions about accounting and budgeting, insurance, and law that need to be addressed, as well as clerical activities, “handyman” type projects, common area tree and vegetation management and even website support. Your volunteer board can’t do it all themselves – help is appreciated.

Once again, Welcome!

We look forward to seeing you at the pool and Orchard Brook activities.