Selling or Refinancing Your Home?

These days, real estate transactions require what seems like massive amounts of documentation.

Normally, a copy of the OBHA Covenants  is needed. You can get a copy of them on the Covenants page.

If you need a copy of the current operating budget, check the OBHA Budget page.

You might also need a letter to show that assessments are paid. The Assessor would be happy to provide one. Use the form on the Assessor’s page to request the documents you need.

Financial Institutions will often ask for proof that the association is insured. The person to contact at our insurance agent is Julie Parrilli. Her direct number is (312) 621-2213, and her email address is This is the most efficient way to facilitate closing documents or proof of insurance.

If you need other documents. please email or use the board contact form.