Pool Guests

All guests of Orchard Brook homeowners must be accompanied by an Orchard Brook homeowner in good standing. The homeowner must be present for the guest’s entire visit. All guests must pay for admission whether or not they intend to swim. Guests must follow the pool rules.

Guest passes can be purchased as listed below. The block of passes will be kept at the front desk and will be monitored by the desk staff. One pass entitles the homeowner to one person’s admittance into the pool. The guest passes can be used any time and do not expire until the end of the current pool season. Refunds will not be given for passes not used at the end of the season.

  • Day-of rate for 1-9 guests = $4 per guest
  • Day-of rate for 10+ guests = $3 per guest (no need to purchase a block of passes)
  • A block of 10 passes = $30