Pool Guests

Pool Guest Policy

COVID-19 Announcement: For your safety, the pool is only available to residents of Orchard Brook at this time.

Daily Guest Fee

All non-Orchard Brook guests must be accompanied by a homeowner in good standing and pay the $4 guest fee. The homeowner must be present for the guest’s entire visit.

Regular Guest Passes

OB homeowners have the option of purchasing a pack of 10 guests passes for $30. These passes will be kept at the front desk and monitored by the desk staff. One pass entitles the homeowner to one person’s admittance into the pool. The guest passes can be used any time and do not expire. All normal guest rules still apply.

Senior Citizen 55+ FREE Guest Passes

OB homeowners over age 55 are entitled to 10 free guest admittance passes into the pool per summer (one pass = one person). These passes will be kept and monitored by the front desk staff and expire at the end of the summer. The homeowner must only be present for the first visit.

Visiting Family Guest Passes

OB homeowners with visiting family members for a stay of at least 2 weeks must apply for OB family guest passes through the pool manager. The interested family must have their name recorded at the pool and must identify themselves to the desk attendants upon each use. The homeowner must be present for the first visit only. One guest pass per household will be allowed per swim season.