Pool Rules

To maintain a pool environment that is safe, in good operating condition and enjoyable for all, the following rules will be enforced. We ask for your inderstanding and cooperation.

  1. Hair that is long enough (3 inches below the ear) to be tied back must be done so, in a tight ponytail or braid.
  2. No diving of any sort is allowed in the shallow end of the pool.
  3. Back dives, flips and cartwheels are not allowed off the side of the pool.
  4. All diving board users must swim to a side ladder after use.
  5. There is NO running permitted on the deck.
  6. The wading pool is only for the use of children 7 years old or younger, and children MUST be accompanied by an adult.
  7. The diving blocks are only for use by the swim team during practice times, NOT during regular pool hours.
  8. A “deep end test” will be required for young swimmers who are either new to the pool or have not previously passed such a test. A lifeguard may require any child to retake the test if the lifeguard believes it to be necessary for that child’s safety. The test consists of swimming two lengths of the pool and treading water for five minutes. Children who have not passed the deep end test will not be allowed in the deep end of the pool unless accompanied by an adult.
  9. Children over 8 years of age will be allowed at the pool without parent supervision from 12 noon until lap swim at 5:45 pm. After the lap swim begins, children must be at least 12 years of age to stay at the pool alone (on the weekends, until 6 pm). A responsible person aged 16 or older must accompany younger children.
  10. “Adult Swims” are scheduled for the last 15 minutes of each hour. At this time everyone except adults (at least 18 years old, except life guards) must immediately exit the water.
  11. Adult “Lap swimming” is scheduled from 5:45pm – 6:30pm on weekdays. These are also for patrons’ age 18 and older and are meant only for lap swimming.
  12. In the event of lightning or thunder, the pool will be closed for 30 minutes after each subsequent episode of either lightning or thunder and is up to the discretion of the head guard on duty.
  13. Shoes are not allowed anywhere on the deck. Shoes may not be left at the entryway fence. They should be stored in the locker room.
  14. ALL eating, drinking and smoking must happen in the picnic area, or on the Clubhouse deck. Also, there are NO glass bottles or other containers allowed anywhere in the pool area, including the picnic area.
  15. NO inflatable toys, water guns, or other hard toys are allowed in the main pool. Guards will use their discretion.
  16. ONLY Orchard Brook Homeowners will be allowed admittance to the pool. All other people must be accompanied by a homeowner and pay a $4 fee. Everyone must check in at the desk before swimming. Guest passes are sold in packs of 10 for $30 per pack and will be managed and kept by the front desk staff.
  17. Loitering is not allowed in the lockers rooms.
  18. Long-term babysitters may be waived the guest admission fee upon request of the homeowner. The babysitter and homeowner must contact the manager for approval and a record will be kept at the front desk.
  19. Children’s ring buoys are not allowed in the main pool. Any child wearing any type of flotation device must be accompanied by an adult. The adult must be in the water with the child.
  20. Toys, tennis balls, water guns and any other water toys must be approved by a head lifeguard or pool manager- Nerf balls are allowed.
  21. Hanging on the center rope or on the diving board is not allowed. Running, rough play, or disruptive behavior will not be tolerated.
  22. No abusive or profane language will be tolerated at the pool. Violators will be asked to leave.
  23. The pool is for the use of “members in good standing”. Homeowners with overdue assessments or unresolved violations of the covenants will not be permitted to use the pool.

All questions and comments should be directed to the pool manager – poolmanager@orchardbrook.org. Click here for the pool manager contact page.